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Implementation and maintenance for GDPR using 24§

  • A record of activities that process personal data in your business.
  • Identification of personal data.
  • Categorization of personal data.
  • Impact analysis and risk assessment.
  • The rights and duties of GDPR for your business.
Personal Data Protection
Contains risk assessment

GDPR online
1050 €/year

Implement and maintain GDPR by 24§ application 24/7

GDPR application in one place in a very user-riendly environment. In five steps you are able to implement GDPR requirements.
You can maintain everything 24/7.

What will we help you with?

General Data Protection Regulation is a general regulation, which reacts to the current needs for personal data protection. Everyone, who works with personal data, not only in electronic but also in printed or written form, must integrate it.

You will obtain a certificate

After the implementation of GDPR rules, you will obtain a certification on personal data security.

No unnecessary fines

In GDPR it applies that chance favours the prepared mind. So prepare yourselves with us. In case of a leak of data from your company, you are obliged to prove that you have done everything to prevent the leak. A fine may then not apply to you at all, or in a reduced to minimal rate.

Personal data safe

24lcs will help you identify and set up processes at your company so that data you be safe with you. For complete safeguarding of information at your company, we also recommend the ISO 27001 product.

How does the application work?

Thanks to the 24§ application you will implement GDPR in five steps

With the 24§ application, you will receive an overview of how to successfully implement GDPR and obtain a certificate.

Date security

We look after the security of your data on our servers. We provide security on the highest possible level.

Data security

All the data are protected against all kinds of DDoS attacks, against fire and other risks.

Backups stored at several places in Europe

Your data is secured on the servers of the provider company located in Roublaix Vallex, Beauhamois, Paris, Gravelines and Strasbourg. Servers are made available only to authorized employees. All approaches are strictly controlled. To avoid any disruption and risk, objects are protected even through barbed wire.

Regular safety controls

The provider company is certified by information security management system according to ISO 27001:2013 for Dedicated Cloud solutions.

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