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Legal and ISO certification
for companies

  • Get a risk analysis and ISO certification conditions in one web application 24lcs.

Certification online

Are you managing your business correctly? Certify your business online.

Obtain ISO certificate in web aplicationwhich is designed so that even non-expert users can perform all the ISO standards conditions. You will process your rating in 5 steps and receive the certificate.

Implementation GDPR

Contains risk assessment
Detail of the product
Certification online
+ certification
Contains analysis and opportunities
Detail of the product
Certification online
+ certification
Contains risk assessment
Detail of the product
Certification online
+ certification
Contains analysis and opportunities
Detail of the product

Buy 2 or more products, and we will REDUCE THE PRICE by 135 €!

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Main advantages

Current requirements of ISO standards

Information search in documents or confusing and outdated databases is past.

Any installation

All requirements are avialiable online with access for users 24/7.

We set a new standard

A clear and comprehensive solution in one application.

Save time and money

We will help you to simplify the processes of identifying and fulfilling basic requirements of ISO, thus saving your time and money.

Risk and Time Management

Easy risk assessment creation. Monitoring the deadlines of all obligations.

Secure information

Secured by encryption and fulfilment of security standards.

Data security

All the data are protected against all kinds of DDoS attacks, against fire and other risks.

Backups stored at several places in Europe

Your data is secured on the servers of the provider company located in Roublaix Vallex, Beauhamois, Paris, Gravelines and Strasbourg. Servers are made available only to authorized employees. All approaches are strictly controlled. To avoid any disruption and risk, objects are protected even through barbed wire.

Regular safety controls

The provider company is certified by information security management system according to ISO 27001:2013 for Dedicated Cloud solutions.

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